Opioid crisis

Doctors must stop giving them out for pain

I’m a drug addict
My dealer is known
He’s a consultant
And he’s not alone

They’re giving out drugs
As if they are sweets
Saves us getting them
By working the streets

You wouldn’t know it
From looking at me
I’ve no needle marks
I seem quite carefree

Except when I’ve none
Then I go quite mad
That’s when you would see
My life is just sad

I take Fentanyl
Prince died of that drug
Opioid crisis
Yet GPs are still smug



Let’s celebrate

International Cochlear Implant Day – the day of the very first implant


My son was born profoundly deaf
He couldn’t hear a sound
Even if you banged on a drum
He wouldn’t turn around

Imagine what his life was like
A soundless world is bleak
It’s thanks to cochlear implants
That he could learn to speak

Without his two processors
We’d never hear his voice
He wouldn’t be in mainstream school
He wouldn’t have much choice

He wouldn’t listen to music
Or the sound of the sea
He wouldn’t hear people laughing
How a whole life could be

Today we celebrate science
And every one of you
Who has helped in any way
We give our thanks to you

Own up

Do you doctor your selfies?


Do you use a photo app
To make your face all smooth
Do you erase your wrinkles
So we don’t see the truth

Do you give yourself a facelift
So you have perfect skin
Or even change your body
To make your legs look thin

So your pics on Instagram
Are not the real you
And all your posts on Facebook
Give your ‘friends’ a fake view

Don’t be scared to be yourself
Don’t give us an ideal
It will be a disappointment
When we see you for real

Just a reminder

Of what can be produced4you now. But we have more in store for 2018.


A birthday or new baby
To say sorry or well done
Anniversary or wedding
Or say ‘I love you’ to someone

A few lines for a card
Or a poem to make mum cry
A best man’s speech in verse
Or a leaving do good bye.

It can be funny or sad
Any length, any style
Personal, original
I’m really versatile

Just tell me who it’s for
With lots of information
And I’ll compose a one-off piece
It’ll be a real sensation.

Just get in touch and tell me
What it is you need
And I’ll produce4you
A fantastic gift indeed.


Oh Donald Trump

Remember the one I wrote when he was first elected? I had to add another one.


It’s the first week of the year and the nonsense has begun
Trump is boasting his button is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s

This is a stable genius who’s very, very smart
Aren’t we glad he’s President so the world can fall apart

Let’s hope he gets impeached and is sent back to Trump Tower
Because it’s quite scary when a lunatic’s in power

Happy New Year

This blog is devoted to personal poems and opinions. I’ve covered abuse, mental health, daughters on social media, the ignorant rich, pressure on women’s looks, terrorism….

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Happy New Year!

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What if…

there were no Christmas


What if there were no Christmas
Except in the Christian sense
A service in church that’s all
The changes would be immense

How much money would you save
And think of the time spent too
Buying all those cards and gifts
Just before the sales are due

And what about the worry
Will everyone have good fun
Will Uncle Frank be too pissed
Or the turkey overdone

All those with other beliefs
And those who are on their own
Wouldn’t feel quite so left out
That they are just home alone

No trees in lots of windows
No tinsel or twinkly lights
No tacky signs and snowmen
Just normal, everyday sights

No over-excited kids
Ripping wrapping paper off
Disappointed with their gifts
Then the family fights kick off

Instead it would be peaceful
You could watch a DVD
Don’t wait for that speech at three
Or the usual crap TV

No New Year greeting of debt
No extra pounds you must lose
No broken toys discarded
Nothing but the winter blues


For all young ME sufferers

On Young Hearts Day

I’m lazy they say
It’s all in the mind
It’s just that I’m not really trying
I’d like to get up
I’d like to go out
I’m too tired to even be crying

It takes all my strength
To get to the loo
Although they think I should be at school
To get some fresh air
To still have a friend
Wouldn’t that make my life just so cool

If I go downstairs
Or even get washed
These are times when I’ve really done well
I pay for it though
The following day
When my muscles and bones ache like hell

Yes I look ok
I talk, even laugh
But with this illness, symptoms aren’t seen
My mind is just mush
Words come out all wrong
I’m nothing. Just a broken machine

It’s been four years now
I’m sixteen you know
All you go through in that time has gone
The doctor told me
There’s no cure for this
There’s a chance it’ll go on and on…

If you have ME
Then your suffering
Is the same size as dying of AIDS
Except that for me
It won’t end in death
I could feel just as bad for decades


Such a shame

On you

I haven’t heard from anyone
Not a visit nor a phone call

I can tell from years of silence
No one cares about me at all

What happened to communities
When people looked after the weak

They took in food for those unwell
Instead of treating them like freaks

Hey! At last! Nice of you to come
And there’s my family ahead!

Sorry if I’m a little numb
See, that’s what happens when you’re dead

High Anxiety

A mum’s view


Sometimes he thinks it would be easier if he were dead
No more OCD, anxiety, no more dread
Imagine being too scared to open your own front door
So many times he cries, ‘I can’t take it any more’
Thoughts keep him up all night, in the day he stays in bed
No school, no job, no going out, living in his head
It all comes down to worrying ‘What if I am sick’
Can’t say the word though, calls it ‘ill’ using a mind trick
He limits himself to four ‘safe’ foods in tiny bites
So tired and weak from all the mental battles he fights
His heart races all the time; panic rising so high
My poor boy suffers alone, as others’ lives go by


After a bereavement


We can’t stop your tears from falling
But we’ll pass the tissues you need

We can’t know what you are feeling
But please know that we’re taking heed

We don’t always know what to say
But we’re still thinking of your loss

We may bring food for you to eat
But tell us if it makes you cross

We’re not sure how long you will grieve
But we’re there as long as it takes

We don’t know if you want to talk
But we’ll listen to your heartaches

We hope you’ll learn to bear your pain
But we’ll always be there for you

We’re so sad that your baby died
But know your strength will pull you through

Tell your friend

You’re the best


You’re pleased if I have some success
You calm me if I’m under stress

You never judge the things I do
You’ll shop with me for hours for shoes

You and I can laugh until we cry
You’d never let my secrets fly

You wouldn’t ever be unkind
You let me rant and never mind

You’re loyal and stick up for me
You know if I need a hug and tea

You stick around when things get tough
You’ve seen me looking really rough

You’re always, always there for me
The greatest friend that there could be

Good Advice

Or Bad Influence


Work really hard at school so you get a good career
(Though leaving early didn’t hurt Diaz, Depp or Gere)

Settle down with a sensible man when you get wed
(Or maybe choose one who’s gorgeous, fun and good in bed)

Don’t be a bridezilla and spend a whole wad of cash
(Still, shouldn’t your Big Day be a monumental bash?)

Please don’t go rushing into having a little one
(Mind you, it’s easier the younger you get it done)

Never spend a load of money that you haven’t got
(Though you can’t take it with you and banks do have a lot)

Be kind and generous and friendly to all around
(Then again don’t forget that others will let you down)

So I’ve covered everything and now you know the score
I’ll be here for advice if you think you need some more

Cats are magic

For cat lovers:


You like the way they look at you
With their long stares into your eyes
You love the way they snuggle in
And couldn’t get closer if they tried

You laugh how they chase their shadow
Or a torch light around the wall
You’re stunned how they squeeze through a space
Yet can stretch themselves up so tall

You’re calmed and soothed by stroking them
Their fur so velvety and soft
You’re charmed by how they jump so high
Then look down haughty from aloft

You don’t mind when they tread on you
To find the right spot on your lap
You are happy to hear them purr
So contented before a nap

You admire how they clean themselves
Better than any yoga pro
You accept their food fussiness
And how they like to come and go

You’re used to hairs on everything
And the scratched furniture as well
They knock things over then walk out
Cats. Your cat. You’re under the spell

To my bride

Requested by a romantic groom:

I thought you looked gruesome when we first met
It certainly wasn’t love at first sight
I was a soldier and you were a bear
It was a fancy dress party that night

You saw me and I caught you as you swooned
Ok, you fainted as you got too hot
But I did fetch you a glass of water
Then stayed by your side and talked quite a lot

We’ve hardly been apart ever since then
And when you’re not there, I’m thinking of you
I don’t have to ask ‘am I in love?’
There’s no doubt that what I’m feeling is true

I just adore everything about you
You are my best friend, my lover, my life
I don’t want to be with anyone else
I’m so happy today you’ll be my wife