A State visit – seriously?

Not again.


So Trump is coming back 

For dinner with the Queen

May has got it wrong again

This man/child is obscene


He’s best friends with tyrants

Has overt far right views

Any criticism

He shouts out ‘it’s FAKE NEWS!’


He spews out TWEETS AND LIES

Most of them outrageous

 A bully full of hate 

Stupid. Yet so dangerous

Poor UK

‘My deal or no deal’    ‘My Brexit or no Brexit’



The wind up doll is stubborn

and knows how to blackmail too

The ERG talk nonsense

and haven’t thought it through

While Corbyn is a moron

He’s acting like May’s puppet

A few are brave and selfless

But most MPs are muppets

Are you with me?

on Brexit


What can I say about Brexit 

that hasn’t already been said?

Except as it’s getting nearer

I fear it with even more dread


Aside from the People’s March fans

and repetitive, useless debate

Nobody is actually acting

to stop the ongoing stalemate


To revoke Article 50

and get the Withdrawal Act repealed

We need to persuade those in charge

using someone I’ll now reveal


I’m talking of course about me

So now will you do as I say

Then maybe we’ll get something done

as we can’t trust Corbyn or May


On Monday, the 14th that is

Please make as much noise as you can

Let the whole world hear us complain

– unless you can improve on my plan

18 December is International Migrants’ Day

It’s not a good time for immigrants and refugees


As the UK and the US 

want to close their borders

And the bigots on the far right 

try to spread disorder

As the NHS now flounders, 

the workforce diminished

And politicians vie for power 

with Brexit still unfinished

As hate spreads on the internet 

against Muslims and Jews

And a political party

can flaunt its racist views

I wonder will we ever 

learn from days gone by

I hope the world sees sense

Before it’s too late to try

As Theresa May asks: ‘Are EU with me?’

My answer:


MPs should be feeling festive

At this time of year

Instead they’re getting restive

As the end of May seems near

She’s still sticking to her hymn  

‘The best, the only deal’

Theresa, it’s looking grim

Time for Brexit repeal

Cynical thoughts

Not mine. Well, a couple of them are…


I don’t believe in God

Or I wouldn’t be in pain

I don’t believe in love

Or I wouldn’t get hurt again

I don’t believe in friends

They don’t give out what they receive

I don’t believe in marriage

As everyone is deceived

I don’t believe in doctors

They don’t listen or don’t care

I don’t believe in the law

The results aren’t always fair

I don’t believe in politics

MPs just care about power

I don’t believe in family

If there’s money it turns sour

Cynical and negative

That is what you see

But I think that I’m right

As I believe in me



Men and power

Brave Christine Blasey Ford


She bravely came forward

In front of the world’s view

She told of atrocities

Went through it all anew

He shouted and he bawled

Like a rich and spoilt brat

Trying to be the victim

Though power’s his habitat

When will women be believed

Or listened to at least?

When will men like him

Stop behaving like they’re beasts?

And those who are colluding

Are just as guilty too

Corruption in the US

They don’t care about ‘Me Too’

Bad times

In British politics


Wake up people can’t you see

We’re losing our democracy

MPs do just as they please

Both main parties full of disease

Racism rules on one side

Two posh power-mad men preside

Anti semites are their foes

Chasing out those who dare oppose

The far right are reviving hate

It’s time to act. The threat’s too great

The beautiful game

Shame about the players


grew up watching football

Sadly now it’s still the same

With fans in my family

I just can’t escape the game

And as we have the World Cup

It’s on TV every day

But what is upsetting me

Are the tattoos on display

Their arms, and more, are covered

They all look completely vile

Obviously all their money

Doesn’t mean that they have style

They’re not listening to experts

Ink sends poison through their skin

Stops them sweating as they should

It’s the clean team that will win

Moving house

Is meant to be one of the most stressful events in life


Yay! You’ve moved into your new house at last

Congrats are surely due

You’ve got through one of the most stressful times

That life can throw at you

First the viewings, up to four times a day

Rush round, tidy and clean

Ram things in cupboards, get rid of the kids

But no one seemed that keen

At last thank goodness a buyer was found 

So you bought your new place

But wouldn’t you know, your buyer backed out

Now you were in a race

It was lucky a nice family came

And bought your house instead

Now it was time to do all the packing

For moving day ahead

When the removal van didn’t turn up

Your nerves were rather frayed

But the neighbour knew a man with a van

Who then came to your aid

Of course the estate agent disappeared

When you needed the key

And there you were surrounded by boxes

…but which one had the tea?

For World Refugee Day

As a journalist I remember interviewing a victim of torture from Iraq. It was one of the more horrific interviews, but at least he was helped…


Where is your home?

I don’t have one

Why did you leave?

I had to run

What happened there?

I would have died

How did you reach us?

I had to hide

Your family?

They were all shot

What do you own?

Me. That’s all I’ve got

What do you want?

A job. No fear.

What’s your one wish?


Can I live here?

Paul Dacre, Editor of the Mail

After 26 years he’s standing down


So the Editor of the Daily Rail 

is finally leaving his post

Over the years I wonder which group 

his paper has offended the most

Single mothers, lgbt

Every ethnic minority,

On benefits? Cheating parasite

Career woman? You should be contrite

As for Brexit the Mail made it clear

They didn’t want more immigrants here

Backed by lies it states its nasty views

Full of hate and rage instead of news

It holds Prime Ministers in its thrall

Too scared to speak out or they’ll get mauled

Dacre’s moving to editor-in-chief

So nothing will change. Expect more grief.

As it’s deaf awareness week

A thank you to the Scottish Implant Centre, teachers of the deaf and everyone who has helped us. And shame on all those who tease my son and call him ‘a deaf xxxx’

My son was born profoundly deaf
He couldn’t hear a sound
Even if you banged on a drum
He wouldn’t turn around

Imagine what his life was like
A soundless world is bleak
It’s thanks to cochlear implants
That he could learn to speak

Without his two processors
We’d never hear his voice
He wouldn’t be in mainstream school
He wouldn’t have much choice

He wouldn’t listen to music
Or the sound of the sea
He wouldn’t hear people laughing
How a whole life could be

Today we celebrate science
And every one of you
Who has helped in any way
We give our thanks to you


It’s ME Awareness week

Another year and she’s still in pain every single day with only her four bedroom walls for company


I’m lazy they say
It’s all in the mind
It’s just that I’m not really trying
I’d like to get up
I’d like to go out
I’m too tired to even be crying

It takes all my strength
To get to the loo
Although they thought I should be at school
To get some fresh air
To still have a friend
Wouldn’t that make my life just so cool

If I go downstairs
Or even get washed
These are times when I’ve really done well
I pay for it though
The following day
When my muscles and bones ache like hell

Yes I look ok
I talk, even laugh
But with this illness, symptoms aren’t seen
My mind is just mush
Words come out all wrong
I’m nothing. Just a broken machine

It’s been five years now
I’m seventeen you know
All you go through in that time has gone
The doctor told me
There’s no cure for this
There’s a chance it’ll go on and on…

When you have ME
Then your suffering
Is the same size as dying of AIDS
Except that for me
It won’t end in death
I could feel just as bad for decades


Oh dear, oh dear

What have we done?


Are you an inee or an outee
Or perhaps you have changed your mind
I’m talking of course about Brexit
The dearest divorce you will find

How stupid that when we all voted
We didn’t know how it would work
Right wing activists did well
You could see from Farage’s smirk

Though forty nine per cent aren’t happy
The government pushes ahead
The leaders of Leave long deserted
A cause that fills many with dread

We can’t say the EU was perfect
But at least when Europe is whole
We are all much stronger together
I think we have scored an own goal