Remember the last budget? Hitting the disabled, again, but helping people making lots of money in business.

That was a good meal
Family, friends and wine
The children in bed, so sweet
Yes, life is just fine.

Can’t pay the rent
Running out of food
Now there’s the vet bill
You bet I’m in a mood

‘What’s on this weekend darling?’
‘Dinner at the Fleets’
Thought we’d do some shopping too
Have my eye on a brand new suite.’

Argument next door
They don’t know what to do
The man has lost his job
Now he’s back of the queue

Little Phoebe won a prize
And Jago gave a speech
We’re so proud of our dear children
Teachers say they’re a pleasure to teach.

Got called into school again
Luke got in a fight
Can’t blame him for feeling sad
After that argument last night

My wife and I both have careers
We’re family partners too
We work hard for ourselves
But give charity its due.

Nobody gives a fuck about us
Don’t know how much more I can take
I can’t make do, I can’t do much
Yet they think we’re all on the make

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