This is part of a poem written for a man whose much-loved dog had died.

You were my best friend for a very long time
In your own special way
Even when you were no longer in your prime
You always made my day

You were so happy every time I came back
Even if I wasn’t long
Wagging your tail, barking like a maniac
Your love for me was so strong.

You saw everything that happened in my life
And stayed there by my side
Then that awful time that I had with my wife
You licked me as I cried

You enjoyed all the walks we had every day
Everyone was your friend
Running and jumping, non-stop chasing and play
You didn’t want it to end

You always came back to me though when I called
And still you wagged your tail
It was a shock the day I said ‘walk’ and you stalled
I knew then you were frail

You looked in my eyes as the end slowly came
I stroked your soft brown fur
Your tail kind of shook as I whispered your name
Tears made my eyes a blur.

At the end of the garden I buried you
Where you would sniff and dig
My feelings for you, boy, still make me blue
The hole you left too big.