Teenage girls have always been concerned about their looks but their bodies have never been plastered over social media before…


This is a poem addressed to parents
About your daughters’ suggestive selfies
Surely you’ve seen what they post on the net
In so many ways it is unhealthy

Boobs pushed up and out and proudly on show
Provocative poses and ‘sexy’ pouts
Two girls are hugging and some even kiss
It’s their bodies not their brains that they flout

That’s the message they’re giving to guys
Women? What are we, just tits and ass
Don’t be surprised if that’s how men treat you
You’ve pushed feminism back in the past

And there are the pathetic platitudes
‘Omg’ ‘you look sooo amaazing’
‘Stunning’ ‘Beautiful’ ‘That’s such a good look’
It’s such empty, over the top praising

So you think it’s ok, do you parents?
That men are lusting after your daughters
Thick with make-up they could pass as thirty
While inside they’re lambs ready for slaughter


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