there were no Christmas


What if there were no Christmas
Except in the Christian sense
A service in church that’s all
The changes would be immense

How much money would you save
And think of the time spent too
Buying all those cards and gifts
Just before the sales are due

And what about the worry
Will everyone have good fun
Will Uncle Frank be too pissed
Or the turkey overdone

All those with other beliefs
And those who are on their own
Wouldn’t feel quite so left out
That they are just home alone

No trees in lots of windows
No tinsel or twinkly lights
No tacky signs and snowmen
Just normal, everyday sights

No over-excited kids
Ripping wrapping paper off
Disappointed with their gifts
Then the family fights kick off

Instead it would be peaceful
You could watch a DVD
Don’t wait for that speech at three
Or the usual crap TV

No New Year greeting of debt
No extra pounds you must lose
No broken toys discarded
Nothing but the winter blues


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