In this blog there are poems about life.

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A birthday or new baby
To say sorry or well done
Anniversary or wedding
Or ‘I love you’ to someone

A few lines for a card
Or a poem to make mum cry
A best man’s speech in verse
Or a leaving do good bye.

It can be funny or sad
Any length, any style
Personal, original
I’m really versatile

Just tell me who it’s for
With lots of information
And I’ll compose a one-off piece
for an original sensation.

Just get in touch and tell me
What it is you need
And we’ll produce4you
A fantastic gift indeed.


Victoria, the writer

Victoria Murphy – Version 2


After years in journalism, working mainly as a feature writer on women’s magazines and winning two major awards, I wrote the authorised biography of a politician. I became a freelance writer when I had children then wrote a novel.

More and more people were asking me to write poems to give as gifts and speeches in verse, so I set up Produced4you.


PS Please respect the copyright laws and don’t reproduce anything on this blog without my permission.