After a bereavement


We can’t stop your tears from falling
But we’ll pass the tissues you need

We can’t know what you are feeling
But please know that we’re taking heed

We don’t always know what to say
But we’re still thinking of your loss

We may bring food for you to eat
But tell us if it makes you cross

We’re not sure how long you will grieve
But we’re there as long as it takes

We don’t know if you want to talk
But we’ll listen to your heartaches

We hope you’ll learn to bear your pain
But we’ll always be there for you

We’re so sad that your baby died
But know your strength will pull you through



A recent family bereavement made me think about the loss of a loved one.


So sorry for your loss, they murmur
If there’s anything I can do…
I nod and shake their hands
And robot like, repeat thank you.

What else can they say?
It’s awkward to be near grief
Especially so raw
Time’s a terrible thief

I feel like I’m gliding
It all seems so surreal
Like this isn’t my life
Like I don’t know how I feel

Soon though I’ll be angry
That he left me on my own
That I didn’t go first
Into the unknown

Then I’ll sink into gloom
Though my tears won’t bring him back
I’ll want life as it was
Before it all went black.

It’s a lie, what they say
Time. It doesn’t heal
You just have to cope
With life’s crappy deal.