As Theresa May asks: ‘Are EU with me?’

My answer:


MPs should be feeling festive

At this time of year

Instead they’re getting restive

As the end of May seems near

She’s still sticking to her hymn  

‘The best, the only deal’

Theresa, it’s looking grim

Time for Brexit repeal


Oh dear, oh dear

What have we done?


Are you an inee or an outee
Or perhaps you have changed your mind
I’m talking of course about Brexit
The dearest divorce you will find

How stupid that when we all voted
We didn’t know how it would work
Right wing activists did well
You could see from Farage’s smirk

Though forty nine per cent aren’t happy
The government pushes ahead
The leaders of Leave long deserted
A cause that fills many with dread

We can’t say the EU was perfect
But at least when Europe is whole
We are all much stronger together
I think we have scored an own goal