Cats are magic

For cat lovers:


You like the way they look at you
With their long stares into your eyes
You love the way they snuggle in
And couldn’t get closer if they tried

You laugh how they chase their shadow
Or a torch light around the wall
You’re stunned how they squeeze through a space
Yet can stretch themselves up so tall

You’re calmed and soothed by stroking them
Their fur so velvety and soft
You’re charmed by how they jump so high
Then look down haughty from aloft

You don’t mind when they tread on you
To find the right spot on your lap
You are happy to hear them purr
So contented before a nap

You admire how they clean themselves
Better than any yoga pro
You accept their food fussiness
And how they like to come and go

You’re used to hairs on everything
And the scratched furniture as well
They knock things over then walk out
Cats. Your cat. You’re under the spell