Good Advice

Or Bad Influence


Work really hard at school so you get a good career
(Though leaving early didn’t hurt Diaz, Depp or Gere)

Settle down with a sensible man when you get wed
(Or maybe choose one who’s gorgeous, fun and good in bed)

Don’t be a bridezilla and spend a whole wad of cash
(Still, shouldn’t your Big Day be a monumental bash?)

Please don’t go rushing into having a little one
(Mind you, it’s easier the younger you get it done)

Never spend a load of money that you haven’t got
(Though you can’t take it with you and banks do have a lot)

Be kind and generous and friendly to all around
(Then again don’t forget that others will let you down)

So I’ve covered everything and now you know the score
I’ll be here for advice if you think you need some more