Thank you Mr Osborne

It’s alright for the privileged few…


I’m alright Jack. It’s all about me
Out of work? Lazy! Don’t you agree?

Benefit sanctions are working well
So a few kill themselves. What the hell.

Less pressure then on the NHS
Costs down and targets met, that’s success

Found dead. Ex-squaddie. Diabetic.
No food to eat and no electrics

Couldn’t store insulin in the fridge
We didn’t study that at Oxbridge

To be disabled – what does it mean?
Only no arms nor legs to be seen

Everyone else is trying it on
Test them with PIPS and you’ll see they’re cons

We shouldn’t pay tax to help such scum
We must stay rich, keep all our income

No, I’ve never been down on my luck
In any case, I don’t give a fuck