My job (part one)

I was a feature writer for magazines. I couldn’t believe I was paid to travel and meet so many amazing people.

I used to be a journalist
For years I met all kinds of folk
Prime Ministers in Downing Street
And one MP who told me jokes

I looked round Julio’s bedroom
Of course this was before he wed
And met a couple of Royals
‘Oh hailowe thair!’ is what they said

Spent a day with Leonard Cohen
That man has a deep, sexy voice
Shame that he had to go back home
To go with would have been my choice

I went inside a killer’s cell
He had rows of knives and wood blocks
He was a model prisoner
Even made me a jewellery box

I spent one cold night living rough
Listening to some terrible tales
Kids who were forced to leave their homes
And lives that had gone off the rails

Who was your all time favourite
So many people want to know
They expect some celebrity
It was those who showed strength through woe