A State visit – seriously?

Not again.


So Trump is coming back 

For dinner with the Queen

May has got it wrong again

This man/child is obscene


He’s best friends with tyrants

Has overt far right views

Any criticism

He shouts out ‘it’s FAKE NEWS!’


He spews out TWEETS AND LIES

Most of them outrageous

 A bully full of hate 

Stupid. Yet so dangerous

Poor UK

‘My deal or no deal’    ‘My Brexit or no Brexit’



The wind up doll is stubborn

and knows how to blackmail too

The ERG talk nonsense

and haven’t thought it through

While Corbyn is a moron

He’s acting like May’s puppet

A few are brave and selfless

But most MPs are muppets

As Theresa May asks: ‘Are EU with me?’

My answer:


MPs should be feeling festive

At this time of year

Instead they’re getting restive

As the end of May seems near

She’s still sticking to her hymn  

‘The best, the only deal’

Theresa, it’s looking grim

Time for Brexit repeal