A State visit – seriously?

Not again.


So Trump is coming back 

For dinner with the Queen

May has got it wrong again

This man/child is obscene


He’s best friends with tyrants

Has overt far right views

Any criticism

He shouts out ‘it’s FAKE NEWS!’


He spews out TWEETS AND LIES

Most of them outrageous

 A bully full of hate 

Stupid. Yet so dangerous

Oh Donald Trump

Remember the one I wrote when he was first elected? I had to add another one.


It’s the first week of the year and the nonsense has begun
Trump is boasting his button is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s

This is a stable genius who’s very, very smart
Aren’t we glad he’s President so the world can fall apart

Let’s hope he gets impeached and is sent back to Trump Tower
Because it’s quite scary when a lunatic’s in power

It’s time to say ‘President Trump’

Oh what have you done?


Who would have thought we’d see this day
When the new President of the USA
Is mostly famed for his toupee

He’s known for other things of course
Vile racism with no remorse
And spouting nonsense til he’s hoarse

He has to send thousands of tweets
Is off the scale with his conceit
Denies all tax and vote deceit

Talking of women he’s so crude
To many he’s been really rude
His take on life totally skewed

Good luck to you all in the States
But if you want to emigrate
The UK’s not much better, mate